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ヒロミックス HIROMIX, 1998

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The Sky is Falling, 2014 | by Jörg Marx

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The Burning Monk- Thich Quang Duc (1963) sat down in meditation position at Saigon. He then poured gasoline all over his body and set himself alight. He maintained his calm meditative position and did not even make a sound while his body burned and then within a few minutes toppled over. His body was consumed but his heart remained intact. It was placed in the Reserve Bank of Vietnam and is called the Symbol Of The Holy Heart.

He wanted to show people that we can do incredible things when we practice mindfulness. He also wanted to show the world the injustice that was being perpetrated on the Buddhist religion and community by a repressive regime. Needless to say, it worked pretty well and the government softened up on the Buddhist. He is a remarkable symbol of the incredible power the mind holds.

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Lloyd Dobler: This girl was different, man. When we’d go out, we wouldn’t even have to go out, you know? We’d just hang out. The girl made me trust myself, man. I was walking around and I was feeling satisfied. Can you imagine that? Then she cuts me loose. I don’t know why. She won’t tell me why. Who knows the real reason? Maybe it’s ‘cause of her father, I don’t know. She won’t talk to me, won’t look at me.

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The Hand of God by James Troubadour

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If you’re the type of person that receives messages from friends late at night that say something along the lines of “Hey are you awake”, and you see it, and then voluntarily ignore it, you can fuck right off.


llegando al Chaltén by Ansilta Grizas on Flickr.


llegando al Chaltén by Ansilta Grizas on Flickr.

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Claude Debussy - Clair de Lune

"Clair de Lune" - Claude Debussy

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The Eastern Slopes, Demerji : Vitaly Bashkatov

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Samuli Heimonen: Putoavat sanat (Falling words), 2014.


Samuli Heimonen: Putoavat sanat (Falling words), 2014.

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